Go Birds!

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Yesterday and today I have been thinking about what I say to myself when I want to turn around an unpleasant moment, to re-position myself as it were. It might not be as as strong as a mantra, but it may be repeated, and it might just been words or phrases that flip the script so to speak. I haven’t figured it out just yet.

I was walking to work today and my mind was racing. In my mind, I told myself to stop and then tried to find something simple and external to focus on: birds. The  birds were singing and tweeting all over the place and it was a delightful sound. That re-focused me completely and I was able to enjoy the walk.

I’d be interested to hear about any words or phrases the rest of you use to re-position yourself.


Sweetie!!! You’re in Blue Jays territory now! Here’s one, and I’m sure you’ve heard me say it ha!

“How ’bout them Blue Jays…” it’s a phrase used to change the subject or literally to turn your own negative situation into a win. It’s so funny!!! It comes from a time when the Blue Jays were doing about as badly as possible!

NOW we say “Go Birds!”

It’s a greeting, a parting, a general expression of awesomeness. Guaranteed if you say this to anyone they will instantly respond with a cheer or a “YEAH” or a fist pump. They won’t be able to help it ha!

Do it do it! Your mission, if you accept this mission, is to say it in 3 random situations before the end of the day. That’s 33 min from now.

Go Birds!

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