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I’m not sure what kind of funk I”m in but it’s a definite funk.  I’ve spent the day running errands, writing and studying.  I’m sorry to say that this week has been brutally boring for me and I’m just trying to be on this stuff and be there for my mom as well. I’ve been on my beginner Eastern yoga and that was challenging because there was some pain … it’s just the weather and it’ll pass.  Tomorrow is another day and even if it isn’t awesome there will eventually be one that is.  That’s really the bottom line.  I’ve just got to be cognizant of that.  Another thing I need to remember is that routine and repetition may be very necessary to achieve goals.  It isn’t always exciting or fun.  We need to find other outlets when we’re faced with a lot of repetition.  I’m going to do something at some point this weekend that is not something I’d usually do.  I don’t know what that is yet, but it’s got to be done!  I’m very tired right now and I think I’m going to call it a night.  Hitting the hay, ladies, hitting the hay!


I have often been in the funk, and of having to do tasks I find boring – all.day.long.  And you’re right, it will pass, though it seems at times it never will. Routine and repetition are often necessary to get to the goal and that’s a great reminder to me as well.

What I love is the way you saw a crack in the gloominess of the funk and decided you are going to do something different this weekend! That will see you through and the excitement of that thing will help as you slug it out through the doldrums. Absolutely focus on that light and I will do the same! We’re in the funk, but we have each other!


Thanks Parker. This was such a helpful post because it reminded me that I’m doing my best and I’ve taken some positive moves to accept it and change what I can. We’re in it together!


You’re fantastic. It will definitely pass. Those things we hold in our bodies, those tensions and pains, they have thoughts. They come from thoughts. I’ve done lots and lots of yoga. Lots. And I’ve taken lots of breaks from yoga. It’s profound movement, and there is always some mental and emotional creakiness for me if I haven’t done it for a while.

Also, I don’t talk about this much, but the reason I became a Homeopath was because of my own health. I had chronic fatigue and narcolepsy. I was exhausted and the body pain was phenomenal. I felt like all my joints were being torn, and it floated around my body. There was no peace.

I cured it by starting where you are. In fact, I probably wasn’t as positive or as committed to the lifestyle change as you are. I didn’t know to be. I really only came to understand that when I began treating people.

Keep going. You got this. xo

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