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Since I don’t have much for family left, and it’s tough for me to take time off from my business to be with friends, I surround myself with love in other ways. I have always loved my time with animals more than just about anything else. They are amazing at making me feel accepted, wanted, and loved. There is no better feeling than seeing your horses whinny and come racing to see you for a hug or the cat chatting away rolling on his back for a tummy rub thrilled you are home (you only left for five minutes), or the dogs busting at the seams to welcome you loving you so much that they need to follow you in to the bathroom because they can’t be without you for a second because you are their world. That is the kind of love that makes up for lack in any other areas.


Oh yes! The minute I walk into Grandpa’s house, Molly comes bolting to the door – the instinct thing that they do. It’s an incredible feeling, almost every single time, to see the moment she recognises me, and then switches into greeting me. We have a game that we play. She spins around in circles and I give her a scratch on each rotation ha! Then she runs off into the house, turns around and does it again, like it’s the first time she’s seeing me. It’s SO fun. She will also put her face in my hands and I ruffle up her cheeks. She LOVES that, but it makes her sneeze. Also hilarious. If my hands are full of stuff, or Grandpa immediately engages me in conversation and I don’t say hello to her first, she will follow me around until I put the stuff down so we can have our special greeting. It’s amazing.

I also don’t get a ton of real-time social. I was thinking about that last week. My work is busy of course, and my daily social is family, which is great, but it’s a different social. As always, any opportunity to be grateful for you Ladies! To me, it honestly feels like you are with me all the time! I love our friendships. xo

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