Forum Topic for the Week of March 6 – Why Oh Why

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Why oh why Miss American Pie!

I know you’ll kick me, but it’s a good one, and it will keep you singing with your vision all week. Good Company.

“Your big why” is a prominent buzz phrase these days. WHY are you doing what you are doing in life? Why are those goals your goals? Why do you make those decisions? Risks? What is your motivator? 

Why is your vision so important? What are you trying to express and achieve?

Of course there are lots of reasons. Consider as many as possible. When you are aware of the “what’s in it for you”, that why acts as both a guiding light, and also as a powerful tail wind. It makes it easier and more enjoyable.

It’s your purpose. Your vision becomes purposeful. Your soul is satisfied.

This week, post on the site one why each day. Keep it practical. Think in terms of how your vision is providing you day to day fulfillment, the what’s in in for you.

Bring to the call (or by Wed. post on the site) your “elevator why”. When someone asks you “why are you doing that?”, having that in a clear single statement – 25 words or less – helps them connect to what you are doing, and helps you to know how to make adjustments so they have access to what you have to offer, or what you are creating. 

Let your “why” become your greatest ally. It knows your vision at least as well as you do. Heck, that impulse may be your greatest supporter.

Have a beautiful week!

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