Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 30 – Wait for it… The Artist Date!

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

Yup, it’s probably our favourite topic yet. Rinse. Repeat! It’s the perfect chaser for last week’s good deeding.

And, you know me, gots to keep those huge doors of feeling amazing wide open. The Artist Date is the perfect bridge, a really clean and obvious way to connect “feeling good” to your creativity.

This week, take yourself on 1 – 5 Artist Dates. 

This means, take yourself on an hour-long date. Do something new. Visit somewhere new. Learn something new. Eat something new. It is all about experiencing something new and stimulating your creativity. It is also all about dating yourself. Go alone.

See what you find! Explore your life. Explore yourself!

Share on the site your adventures and your insights. What did you discover? What did you do? How much fun did you have?

What does this new experience awaken in you?


P.S. The actual date itself doesn’t have to “matter” to your vision. Allow yourself to be free with this!

P.P.S. We are consciously connecting feeling good, connection, willingness, and creativity. These are the foundational energies that govern visionary accomplishments.


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