Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 22 – You’ll Sparkle

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Good Morning Ladies!

As promised, the call topic fairy has arrived! She brings with her, well, a rather interesting pause in our conversations. We have been thinking about intentions, actions, and the new year for a couple of weeks now. This was naturally leading us to a week or so of getting reacquainted with our visions – great for each of us individually, but even better because we get to know each other’s visions in a fuller way, or for the first time!

This week, however, let’s pause and follow the thread of last week’s conversation. It went in a really loving and beautiful direction.

As we explored our daily  “actions” to support our New Year’s intentions, some really solid actions and thoughts emerged. It was interesting to see how many actions of self love, friendship, and love for other people in our lives, were not just this week’s actions but really well established habits.

It was wonderful to see how much these trends in our behaviour – but mostly our priorities – mattered to us. Our people matter.

AND this is a two way street. We matter to our people.

All that said, the pause this week is to honour the energy of helping each other. Let’s feel what it is like to be the helper, so we can fully understand how good that feels. The intention here is that we start to open up to the idea of being helped ourselves.

So, keep it simple. The “task” is to do and then write about some places where you actively helped. Be present. Notice how good it feels.

By the end of the cycle, challenge yourself to ask for an allow some help.

Enjoy this sparkly exchange!

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