Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 16 – Commitment to a “Better” New Year

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Ok Ladies.

Must be done. One last “New Year” thing: connecting real life actions in the energy of your spectacular year unfolding. This is bona fide reality.

Last week we did intentions. These are desired expectations, that generally come true over time, when you want them to, but you are not focused on them. Ha – vague. Yes, vague, speaking of vague!

This is the art of letting go of the outcome. There is also something about intentions, that is dream-like enough that we oddly, don’t expect them to happen right away, so they happen more quickly (or at all) because we have taken out eyes off of them. We have allowed them to manifest, come true, “happen”, land, arrive, show up, come together… maybe the Universe brought them in a basket full of chocolate eggs. Doesn’t matter, it’s beyond the mind, fantastic, magical, and true.

So, in the true spirit of Consciously Woman, this week, let’s help those intentions along. We will use just the raw energy of “participating in the betterment of your life as a whole” to let the Universe know that we really mean it, we really want what we have intended for ourselves. We will be conscious of our actions this week – regardless of what they actually are – as being the offering of commitment we give to our intentions.

We will engage in small actions that “better” our daily lives with the intention that these real-time actions feed the bigger intentions, where we have no idea how they will happen. It’s intention, squared.

In short, share on the site one action you are doing that day to make your life better. This is the physical application of your intention AND letting go of the outcome. 

It could be as simple as putting that elastic band that rolls around in your cutlery drawer in the garbage. It could be as simple as buying a new toothbrush. It could be as life changing as a new haircut. It could be as disciplined as cutting out sugar for a week.

(It doesn’t have to be permanent. It can just happen once.)(Avoid the hell out of making it complicated.)

Have fun with this. Make it easy! Make it practical.

Share on the call the small “unrelated” action you enjoyed the most.

You have spoken your intentions, big and small. Let go of the outcome AND act consciously to create your future. That’s how we roll.

That’s tickety boo.

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