Forum Topic for the Week of April 3 – Play It Again Sam

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Such a great last week. One of the goals of this community is to encourage and acknowledge the presence of our best selves. So often, however, and because we are working towards great things in our lives, we are totally immune to the wonderful and amazing every day things that we do. We can get so focused on the things we wish to achieve – our goals, our visions – that we do not notice all the ways we already contribute, all the ways we are already leading and influencing others in positive ways.

It was so rewarding to describe all of the little things we do to make the world a better place. And even better than that, sharing these things made us want to do more of those things! It was so inspiring. And fulfilling, really fulfilling.

This week, let’s do another round of this feel-good topic. The only other topic we have ever been inspired to do two weeks in a row is the Artist Date. That speaks volumes about how creative and lift-giving these actions actually are. 

Each day, share one more practical way you change the world. What do you do to make it a better place? 

Hint: These are the thoughts, tasks, and actions that make your vision accessible to others. Your actions are an access point to the energy of your greater work. They give people ways to connect to the big picture things you want to do.

As always, enjoy your Self!

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