Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 27 – Show Your Love

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Good Morning Ladies!

A visionary is as a visionary does. 

Well, well, well, I did some searching to find a definition of visionary that suits us, that describes us as the change makers we are. Of course I didn’t find one! This suits ME fine as I describe this week’s discussion topic. When I read the definitions, it helped to drive home the value of what we do here for each other, and the world around us. It made me even more proud to be a member of this incredible community.

You see, a visionary is described as a person who has the forward-thinking ideas that change the world. Stop. The definition clearly interprets this person as the idea bearer only, and historically this person is viewed as ungrounded, lacking a sense of reality, and impractical.

Hmmph. And awesome. Where this definition stops is precisely where we begin, and precisely why we came together. It’s exactly what we do here!

We make the vision of the future happen. The future lands in our actions.

This week, let’s look at the ways we change the world in our every day actions. Let’s put down our giant visions, and notice the ways we change the world, in real time. Do you eat organic? Do you choose the “less packaging option” or bring your own bags? Do you smile when you answer the phone? Do you hold the door for the next person? Do you say hello first? Do you tithe? Do you walk to work? 

There are so many options! It’s easy. And, we do these things. Consciously. Every day.

Share with us each day one thing you do, for real, that brings the vision of a better world home. How, in you, by you, and because of you does the future land strongly, profoundly, already transformed and sustainable.

Thank you Ladies, for being the change and doing the change. Bona Fide.

Let’s celebrate this.

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