Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 19 – But Why Not?

 In This Week's Topic


Pack your bags, we’re going to the dark side. Bring snacks.

The past few weeks have been all about the joyous anticipation of our visions in form, and last week, we even went so far as to pin them up in our homes, on our vision boards.

Pin the tail on your vision!

Ok – that’s taking it too far… BUT this week’s topic is to relieve your subconscious of the need to protect you, when you go ahead and take it too far. We’re talking about the Big Why Not.

Why NOT do your vision?

Share on the site one reason per day that you would NOT do your vision.

This could be as simple as you would have to wear a uniform, or your mum doesn’t approve – or even know that some of the stories are about her ha! – or that you would need to work a 9 – 5 to support the incoming costs, or it would ruin a relationship, or you don’t like the people in your industry… it could be anything.

These are all important checkpoints. When you can see them for the blip that you are, they suddenly don’t seem so high off the gound!

The purpose for this week’s topic is to get your internal “protest” out there on the table, to expose your fears for what they are. Solvable.

BONUS: Solve at least one of those why nots. Make it untrue. Show yourself that the big obstacles are absolutely manageable. 

Vision on, Visionaries.

Your vision is stronger than anything you fear, and anything your subsconscious mind can throw up to derail you. When you are aware of your why nots, you give your vision the opportunity to support you.

It’s bigger than anything you can imagine.

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