Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 13 – Lights, Camera, Vision Board

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We are rolling!

As always, but especially, over the last few weeks, we have had some excellent conversations. Given the reason (why!) we gather here is to challenge and support each other into clarity with regards to our visions.

At this moment, we are perhaps as clear as a girl could be! We know our visions, and we could tell anyone we meet all about it in about one minute. We could even tell them why we do it, and best, we are really clear on the what’s in it for us as individuals.

This week, create, hone, update, dust, declutter, or renovate your vision board. This is the miniature stage in our homes, where what we want to achieve gets the spotlight.

Share on the site each day something from your vision board. We will all have a different version of the vision board. It will be as educational as it is inspiring to hear the differences and the similarities in our vision boards. What does yours look like?!

As your discussion share, tell us about one improvement you have made to your vision board process. 

As always, enjoy this exploration!

Each of us is bringing a vision into form. This starts as an idea and can take many years to be completed. Your vision board is one of your most valuable tools in this process. On the vision board, you can put your hands on your vision, for real!

It already exists.

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