Forum Discussion for the Week of Feb. 20 – The Visionary’s Vision

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Well Ladies…

At long last, feels like the gang’s all here. Feels amazing.

For me, as both the creator and the steward of Consciously Woman, that vision has come to a foundational completion of sorts. That feels amazing too!

This week, let’s focus on our individual visions. Let’s the YOU of this fantastic ship benefit from the reflection of clarity and certainty of our common container.

This is how we will do it:

Post a 400 – 800 word post (on your chosen day, if you are contributing to the public blog) that declares, explains and describes your vision. What are you working towards.

EACH day, post one thing that you need to support your vision – the more practical and specific the better.

The idea this week is to get to know each other’s raison d’etre, and also get to know how we can support each other better.

Hint: This is a declaration of purpose. It might get crunchy, and for lots of reasons. You can work through that resistance by just posting anyway. Push through any aversion or confusion, and just post anyway. It gets the stuck, fearful, and “unknown” energy moving.


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