Forum Discussion for the Week of Feb. 13 – Happy LOVE Day Ladies!

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All I can say is: wow. What a moving-past-paralysis last week was. Thank you so much for diving into that very particular deep. Even already, and even though I am already a privileged woman, privileged to live in a diverse first world community, I have found more ways I can share my own “wealth” with others – less AND more fortunate.

What a gift. To understand privilege in a way that allows it to be expressively mobile, in any direction, is such a joy.

AND – that was a dig-deep of a week. Not all of the feelings shared between us were positive, and many of them hurtful.

This week, allow yourself to move on from those hurtful moments in your own history by pouring a healthy and generous dose of love on yourself. This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day so there will be lots of loving reminders in our media feeds!

This week, love yourself as deeply as you were willing to love another last week. Do unto your beautiful self as you would do unto another.

Share on the site a different self-love act each day.

Share on the call how self-love influences your success. This is an opportunity to connect those dots consciously. It matters.

Bonus: Keep in mind, the doors you open for you, are the doors you open for another. Can you find examples of self-love in anther woman that inspire you?




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