Following the Positive Validations

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Follow the good…the positive validations…

I had lunch with a new contact yesterday. Even though he’d only booked us for an hour, at one point he looked at his watch, and then ordered a cappuccino. Meaning, he was fine to stay on longer…and we were having a good conversation, and I felt it was a validation that our meeting was going well. I haven’t done as much networking the past few months, and it’s good to be back at it. I’ll follow this example and make sure to follow up with some others this coming week. I need to build my network and this was a great reminder that I have fun doing so.


Noticing the watch check and yet cap order, good one Lia, way to follow that.


Yes!  I love this. Networking is definitely your jam. xo

I think it’s neat too how you bring in the non-verbal validations and positive feedback. I just came home from a lovely family dinner. Tons of positivity. Maybe the most ever for me at an event like that, at least in several years. I’m just about to go to bed, and I’m going to fall asleep thinking about the evening, and also looking for a few non-verbal validations too.

It was so amazing to see everyone – some of those folks I see only twice a year – and to think that I can double that by looking at the non-verbal communication… very cool!

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