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Amber, me too… my cousin was a horse jumper growing up, into her mid 20’s… I never actually saw her compete, but there is a picture at my Aunt’s house of her and her horse mid-jump. Lots of action. Captured also in the photo is the precise stillness where her lower leg and the horse’s shoulder are fused. The bond between them is totally visible. It’s incredible. The photo is in my cousin’s bedroom, and if I am house sitting (or painting) I never go where it is not necessary. I have this inner policing system that make it impossible for me to snoop! I make an exception for this photo, however; it’s too beautiful. When I am at my Aunt’s dog sitting, I always go into my cousin’s room and take a good look at that photo. There really are no words for that feeling. When we feel it between ourselves and an animal, it’s just so natural – almost more natural than with another human being. It’s a feeling – definitely shared – and there is no need to communicate anything more. I only really notice the awe of it when I witness that bond between someone else and an animal. Only then do I experience that awe, and recognise that it has not words. Really amazing.

I know that animals teach us, and communicate to us in ways that we can’t “understand”, but instead we just “know”. I love that. Suddenly, I am thinking of other things in my life that cause that speechless feeling in me, and recoginsing the bond I have with those things. Reading something beautifully written. Writing – but not all of what I write, only certain pieces; sometimes just parts and generally the pieces I don’t share (good one Amber, I never noticed that part). Certain sounds. Skiing in natural snow.

I’m sure the list will be longer, as I go into my day with this discussion in mind. Emotions are feelings. I have been so trained by my profession to focus on the negative emotions. I help people see them and disconnect to them, but I have a hard time articulating how to connect to the things that are wanted in life, the things that resonate success – beyond the thinking about it.

Your post gives me my own how-to. These feelings of awe are directly connected to the things I care most about, without question. My mind does not question the value of these things, and I do not resist the connection to them – or my prioritisation of these things. No friends on a powder day ha!! And no need to justify the words I find beautiful. I often allow myself to reading the same sentence over and over again, just to feel that feeling.


I’m wondering if maybe it actually is the spoken word that derails us from pure emotion, that’s why it might be easier to have those emotions with animals or things, both don’t talk!


I think you are on to something there….. it’s got me thinking.

Yes, I am going to try to find other places I get this feeling also.  I understand your need to be alone on powder days.  Being with the horses is the same for me.  Just me and my horse.  I don’t need anything else to make it more spectacular.  I have taken people out riding who didn’t have that connection or appreciation and it wasn’t as special for me.  That’s why I like to ride with my kids.  They fully get it.

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