In Weekly Forum Discussion

I finished painting the floor in G’s basement. My Uncle insisted on paying me, which feels odd. I’m dreaming up ways to spend the money on something fun and interesting.

Grandpa is changing. I’m working hard to not resist that, and to adapt quickly. If I accept it, he can too. Our conversations will be shorter, but still connected.

BEADS!!! Made a few beads last night. I have a new style happening, will be fun when they come out of the kiln. Art Crawl on Friday!

A great conversation with a good friend yesterday. Feels so awesome to laugh!

Got the house ready for my friend to visit next week. Literally 30 min later he let me know he and his daughter are not coming down this way on their trip. THAT was interesting. I’ve made some decisions about how my personal space gets used, done some house cleaning. This feels like one of those things, and again, like with G, I feel a natural non-resistance to the change. Once the “weird” of it passed, I almost immediately felt this sense of relief and space. I’m happy to have the time in my nice clean house – figuratively too!

Hmmmmm…. more in love with Magic the Plumber. THAT feels interesting too. Of course I haven’t a clue who he is or what his life is like, really, but it’s SO fun to feel that feeling of being interested in someone new.

There is a definite sense of “ideal” happening in a bunch of places over the past few days – painting job, almost 2 weeks of free time suddenly, Magic… I’m LOVING having this particular consciousness coming in. I already feel confident and satisfied. This is the recipe for awesome.

Booked an appointment to get glasses whoop whoop! I’m REALLY looking forward to having those!

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