I Feel My Purpose Everyday; I Share It

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Talk about my vision. When I think about this, I get my own funny vision of me on a stage talking about “world peace”. Although it’s something which is definitely needed, I think my vision encompasses a few things. First and foremost I crave connection. Connection with those who seek the truth, in whatever capacity that may be. Connection with humans who are here on this planet to bring light and love, who share their experiences and bring forth their vulnerabilities for others to learn from and connect with. In saying this I feel I have found a platform in which to make those sacred connections with other women, here with Consciously Woman. The light in me sees the light in you.

Tagging along with that vision is my passions, which includes my role as homeopathic practitioner. I love what I do and I love what it can do for others. This practice encompasses all of my values and beliefs, such as healing naturally with the use of energetics, gently, safely and effectively, not just on the physical plane but to heal the mental/emotional wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes. The end result is healing others. Homeopathy uses Mother Nature’s natural substances to restore health so that we as humans can carry out our divine purpose. Part of that divine purpose for me is connection, creation and sharing. I want to educate absolutely anyone and everyone I meet about Homeopathy – to broaden their understanding of it, slay the misconceptions and shout from the rooftops why I am so blessed to be in this practice. It has saved my life and forever changes it. I have always felt that my purpose here on this planet was to heal. I chose my place in nursing, stumbled upon homeopathy, and am now taking a stand for all those who consciously or unconsciously want to come along for this crazy ride with me. There’s an extra seat in my car, dare to jump in?

Written by Meghan Manzohealthandhealinghomeopathy.com

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