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Oh my word, yes, YES!

I have learned over the recent years the importance of face time with a friend. It’s SO important. And yes, this sometimes means away from my family, she says sheepishly. I’m fortunate in that many of my family members are also good friends, but I also feel a definite enmeshment. I don’t feel that with close friends. In my family right now, we are in each other’s pockets more than ever. Taking care of my Grandpa is a group effort, and frankly, it is just as much about caring for his needs as it is about supporting each other. Ha – so the proximity to stress and our closeness, we often (as in every 10 minutes some days) say and do more with less of a filter, than we would if we were with strangers or “real/just” friends. That’s the crazy paradox about familial relationships. The people you are with the most know the real you, and you know the real them. No filter can sometimes lead to a lack of respect.

But we all know this! It’s text book!

Back to the point, Yeardye.

Without getting into the nitty gritty – which honestly isn’t necessary, there’s no conflict here at all, it’s nothing more than cabin fever – I am desperate for some face time with a few long distance friends, and I have officially landed on a week where I can go and do a visit circuit to my Ottawa-Rideau friends.

I’m so looking forward to it. It will not only be some time out of the rut I’m in (albeit consciously; it IS necessary to achieve my goals) but it will be some time spent cultivating new experiences and new conversations. A few of those people I haven’t seen in several years. That will feel amazing.

I’m loving having this topic to get me thinking about what I have achieved since I last saw them. I went through a very difficult time emotionally, and that is what they will want to hear about, its resolution, or just simply the “what happened.” I don’t like talking about it, and I don’t need to! So many amazing things have happened since then, and I am feeling so proud about where I’m “at” today – ha and even better what is to come. It’s a totally different head-space.

I’m suddenly excited to share every thing I’m doing. AND…. that is different than it was even just last week. Last week, my default statements were meant to almost hide what I am doing with the blogs so that I wouldn’t initiate questions I don’t have answers for yet. I am ecstatic to notice that “you are here”.


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