Everyday We Be the Change

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You Ladies are AWESOME!!!!

I’m laughing… a couple of days ago, the Bell cold calling kid came to my door… are you sure you don’t want TV?

No thank you.

He wished me a nice day and I closed the door.

As I turned around to walk back into my kitchen, I actually said:

Gawd. Why would I even want TV when I have CW?

That was my bona fide, uncensored, didn’t even think about it, natural response. That was my under my breath muttering response ha!

Felt amazing.

I am returning after a day and a half of no internet – a negative I turned into a positive by kicking my feet up and watching 2 cheesy movies on my Aunt’s TV ha! I howled when you wrote that Amber.

I am noticing the draw to tell you all detail by irritating detail, the play by play, of the last 2 days as my life “detoxed and clarified”. THIS a critical awareness for me.

Right now, in this moment, I am looking for some sort of way to self-validate or get approval, be recognised for how much “work” I do on my vision. The funny thing is that I already get validation and approval from you. And funny thing is that to you I am already enough. I don’t need to complain about my unconscious commitment to overwhelm or not being seen.

Right now, in this moment, as I want to “excuse” myself from the tech mishap – my aunt’s internet was down and it took her that time to get it sorted for me – I want to tell you all the terrible things that happened over the weekend – that in fact, now that they have been dealt with have created positive results (like the wow kind). I want to seek approval for my absence. I want YOU to validate my importance. I am suddenly mowed down by my own sicophantic ego-pattern!

To be clear: telling you all the negative things that happened makes me important. Oh the things I have conquered. I’ll call this moment and Ode to Shadowboxing.

Instead, here’s my tool:

I am going to go for a walk. I’m going to take my sweet and cute little dog buddy for a walk. We will walk to the end of a beautiful road in the country. And while I am walking, I will think of all the amazing things I have read here this morning.

You are the reward for all my hard work. That feeds me.

I know I will pass this positive awareness in energy to my Grandpa when I see him later today. That feeds him.

To make the change permanent in me – now that I have the unconscious behaviour out in the open – I am going to be really clear about what I say to people when they say “what did you do today?”

I mean really, every day we do the impossible here together. Every day we be the change.

The rest is gravy, and frankly it’s just the plug-ins left to go!

Instead, I am. It’s such a beautiful day!

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