Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 12 – Heart Magic and Synchronicities

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Hi Ladies!

It’s fun. The more we get to know each other, the more we discover how naturally connected to each other women are. We experience that in so many ways in our “local” lives, but it’s amazing to see how that thread of connection permeates this on line community, We are spread out around the world, and yet we are naturally thinking and experiencing such similar things.

Last week, we discovered that two of us have similar “heart magic” practices. This is to notice the heart shaped things that occur in your every day – footprints, rocks, coffee stains, the noses of aur beloved dogs and cats. The real practice here is to enjoy them, to celebrate in the moment, the sincere mystery of it all.

This week, tell us about your “heart magic.” What is the synchronicity you follow around or bump into in your every day?

What guides you?

What cheers you on?

What comforts you?

What do notice is a constant in your experience?

Photo Credit: Nora Moll

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