Discussion Topic for the Week of May 9 – The Power of Positive Positioning

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Ok Ladies!

It’s time to take our inner Pollyannas out for a spin!

Well, in this crowd, they be always in regular rotation, but this week, let’s be conscious of how exactly our positivity serves us, and others. Directly.

Let’s make the conscious link. It is possible to use that powerful, and most natural perspective as a tool. It solves. It creates. It dices. It slices. It cooks with gas!

It is an investment with infinite dividends. 

How do you use your positivity? Animal, mineral, perspective, or intention. It all counts. It all adds up to great success!

Share one daily incident, adventure, or solution where your positivity brought you instant results or success.

Hint: We are consciously connecting the value of your positivity, which for you, because you are you, is already a conscious choice, but how do you know you can rely on that perspective and position to produce an ecstatic, free, prosperous and successful life? 

Track it!

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