Discussion Topic for the Week of May 29 = Where You At, Pussycat?

 In This Week's Topic


This is an extension of last week’s discussion, except for it’s the depthy, self-awareness version…. C’mon, you know you love it, and you know you want to hq!

It’s time to stand tall and see how tall that really is. What does that even mean?!

It means: are you really who you say you are? Are you really who you want to be? How close are you to expressing the real you?

You may ask how does this game work?!

It’s easy.

Each day choose a “value” or ideal about your life. State it on the site.

Are you meeting that value or ideal or do you need to make some tweaks.

For example, if you value confidence, are you behaving with confidence? If you value health food, are you full of that?

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