Discussion Topic for the Week of May 22 – You Are Here

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We do some pretty amazing things in our lives, and we have lofty goals. Good goals. Goals we believe in.

So often, that puts us up in our heads, where we can lose sight of where we are, what we’ve achieved, and what we are doing in the short term. 

This week, take a look around you. Smell the roses. Notice the present moment.

With respect to your vision and goals, what does your every day look like? Are you achieving what you want, in the time that you anticipated? Are you taking your foot off the gas to enjoy the long weekend? Are you pushing harder to meet a measurable? Are you procrastinating a deliverable? How are you doing?

Is there something to celebrate?

Share something daily, some aspect of your life, as a way to connect with not just the present moment, but your reality. It’s all important. Perhaps your eating habits are better than they were six months ago, perhaps they need some attention. It’s Spring. Is there a winter Feng Shui project that has yet to be completed? Did you successfully meet a goal and you didn’t take yourself out for dinner? 

Take this week to take stock. Enjoy. Tweak. Re-Organise. Put your feet up. Dig deeper.

Where are you in real time?

Take a moment. 


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