Discussion Topic for the Week of June 6 – Procrastination Nation

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This one wants a theme song:

You know you want to! Click on it! It’ll make a week of procrastination fun!

The idea this week is to create some laughter and lightness around the art of procrastination. We all do it, and lately it has come up in lots of unrelated conversations between us… an excellent indication that as a group we can gather together our individual frustrations and move the whole lot of them between us. The struggles and successes we share show the way – or the resonate limitations – to the rest of us in the community.

This process makes it easier.

Share on the site one thing daily that you procrastinate. 

Are you really procrastinating? Are you really putting things off? What’s the real reason you are not getting things done? Are you procrastinating at all, or is that behaviour pointing at something else?

BONUS: Can you create a behaviour that pushes you past your procrastination?

Crunch it out Ladies! Some consistent heavy lifting goes a long way towards making your every day tasks  and actions light and easy.


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