Discussion Topic for the Week of June 12 – How Do You WANT to Feel?

 In This Week's Topic

Hey Ladies!

Get Funky! That is only, of course, if you want to!

This week, let’s focus on the way we WANT to feel, rather than the way we are supposed to feel, expected to feel, made to feel, or even “used to feeling”. 

In an effort to allow as much self-determination as possible, I won’t do a ton of explaining for this topic. I don’t want to structure it too much. It will be amazing to make decisions based on how we are really feeling and want to feel, almost without influence.

Share on the site one thing daily where you discovered how you really feel about a situation. 

Bonus: Is there a situation where you want to feel differently than you do? And can you?

Have an “interesting” week!

A little note: be careful not to beat yourself up about how you feel. This is an exercise in awareness. Can you really turn it around just by coming into clarity about how you feel? Of course you can! You can feel and do anything.

En Joie!

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