Discussion Topic for the Week of July 31 – Positive Positioning

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Hi Ladies!

Last week, we shared and practiced the art of the default statement, that consciously pre-crafted answer for the difficult questions. It’s a brilliant tool that we all use. They create a boundary for external conversations that trigger your internal conversation with yourself and your vision. They are simple statements that protect you from the critic – internal and external.

Default statements keep you in control. They keep you focused. They keep your energy and your confidence available for the bigger tasks.

They create choicefulness and close the door to the dreaded self-doubt.

This week, however, let’s hone this powerful tool to move us towards the futures we are creating for ourselves and others. Let’s use this concept of default statements, and point that level of consciousness at the things we already know we have in life. 

This supports your certainty. And in turn, your raw certainty will be the foundation on which your dreams can come true.

So, this week, consciously choose a few things that you are certain about, and make a few “default statements” that support you, rather than shield you. It’s subtle, but a very profound expression of your inner boundaries.

Here’s some examples to get you started:

You like your style and every morning you look in the mirror and give yourself that exact compliment: I like my style. What is the best route to work in the morning? Bet you are certain of that! Are you a great cook? Certainly!

You get the picture. You are already doing “it”. Raw certainty. Share some of these things. No need to analyse them. The task this week is to luxuriate in the awareness about what already exists in your life, what you have already achieved, or the certainty of what you already are. Anything “more” is just an extension of what you already are.

Bonus: notice if this has an affect on the reflected self doubt. 

Let’s reinforce our positive positioning.

See where you already are.


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