Discussion Topic for the Week of July 3 – Speak No Evil

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GREAT couple of weeks. It’s the time of year where we want to be outside, gallivanting, sunning ourselves, and relaxing. AND for most of us it is also perhaps the busiest time of the year. We are cramming in the work, while making sure we have enough time and space to enjoy our vacation times.

Our last two discussion topics helped to get us streamlined. What do we want in our lives? What do we want less of in our lives; what would we like to limit? Spending the past couple of weeks making the distinction between a clear YES and a clear NO isn’t just about opportunities and boundaries. It’s about choiceful time management.

Clear time management and choiceful engagements with yourself and others is an expression of self-value. Nice work Ladies. We rock.

We have more energy to spend on the positive things we love AND we are spending less on the negative things that don’t serve us and don’t make us feel awesome.

THIS week, be choiceful of the energies you grow, the ones you give attention and bring attention to. This week, speak only positive things. If it is not positive, challenge yourself to not speak it at all. 

NOTICE the things you are dying to bring to words. Notice the compulsion to talk about them. 

No need of course to stop this forever or completely. It is certainly a form of discernment. Intend, however, to use this a way to notice a few more things you could say NO to, or a few cultivated (and deserved!) positivities you could grow by speaking about THOSE instead.

For your share this week, pick one thing you do not need to speak about anymore, or by not speaking about, intend to shift. 

BONUS: This “behaviour” is a truing mechanism. Can you notice an instant change? Pick up a result of this shift in yourself and acknowledge it.

Grow it.

Grow your awareness of your expressed value and desire.

Love love.

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