Discussion Topic for the Week of July 24 – Default Statements

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It’s been a pleasure doing business together. The business of squelching, ignoring, and redirecting the negativity in our lives!

It’s been such a positive couple of weeks! 

We were, yes absolutely, looking to get a handle on the negativity we experience and express, but we were mostly looking to create some permanent changes. We were looking to create and share tools and results.

We certainly exceeded our own musings and expectations.

This week, let’s seal in our favourite collective tool:  Default Statements. These are those pre-planned statements or responses to questions, situations, or negative interactions, we keep in our back pockets for those difficult times. So often the negativities are social patterns that reflect our own sticking points. These pre-planned statements satisfy the appropriate social need, without causing the conversation to meet our own fears, struggles, or irritations. These statements allow the moment to wash by easily, this supporting our positive attitudes and positioning.

We all use them as a way to create boundaries for those “negativities” we expect to exchange. Spending a week on this together will make this already effective tool even more natural and automated.

The “task” this week is to share those default statements with each other – and our own self-awareness. Choose a few situations that you want to change or disengage from. Create some default statements. Keep it pertinent to your daily life. For this exercise, small reps equal big gains. Using “small” default statements daily builds that muscle for the bigger negativities.

For your public blog share: choose one “game changer” negativity in your life. Tell us how you use Default Statements as a powerful tool.

BONUS: Got results? Let us cheer you on!

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