Discussion Topic for the Week of July 17 – No Negativity Revisited

 In This Week's Topic

Hi Ladies!

Quite naturally, our recent topic Speak No Evil powerfully supports our self-care. As the weeks came together progressed, our new behaviours have produced some really great results.

By request, we are extending this new “practice” and “habit” for another week.

Add also the concepts of Seeing and Hearing No Evil if you wish. There are so many external places where we are exposed to – and cultivate, let’s be honest! – negativity. We are always being bombarded. it is always available a la carte!

This week, share the ways you can and do protect yourself from this social environment. Do you have default statements? Do you leave the room? Do you not watch certain TV shows? Do you limit or vet your social media feeds?

What do you do about it? How do you manage it?

Most important, however, the ultimate invitation here is to come to a place – as we did in the Speak No Evil conversation – where you see the results of these new practices. 

How does it serve you to navigate negativity successfully?

How does it make your life full of ease, grace, joy and love – actually?

We are consciousness in motion, Ladies. What does a no negativity policy really mean? What does it look like?

What if positivity rules?

That IS possible. 

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