Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 5 – Self-Lovin’ Every Minute of It

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Ha! Ladies.

I’m still on a bit of a high one from last week’s discussion topic. It feels like we took a permanent vacation to an ocean retreat for positive self-talk and joyful conversation. The sun is setting and we have just sat down to enjoy the beautiful view.

This week, let’s follow the thread of self love, self care, and self worth that wove itself gently through the conversation last week. Let’s give that a strong voice.

We are well into the Summer season. This is a beautiful time in our hearts and in our minds, but it can also be a hectic time for our bodies, and perhaps our emotions. Let’s take this week, and charge our batteries.

Let’s make extra loving care automatic. You are worth it.

Furthermore, this is the time of year we can super charge that awareness for ourselves, and as examples or supporters for the other women in our lives. Women’s culture is the back bone of the Summer vacation season for many families and businesses. You will see the need to take good care of yourself, and you will easily see that the women you witness have complete control over the expression of their worth. Do they exercise that? Well, well, you will have the extra super-charged power to exercise that for yourself this season!

So, this means:

Share one thing a day that you do as self care, and how you tweak it to make it better. Think of it as treating yourself like a Queen. For example, running the bath for a Queen, would probably include candles and an essential oil that smells awesome. Or, there would be carrots, celery, AND cucumber in the salad, not just tomatoes.

For those of you contributing to the public blog, share how a small tweak in your self lovin’ care has made you feel even better.

(Disclaimer: this is a really rich and deep topic. The change may not be logical or languaged by your mind as “worth”. Just allow it to be qualified by how good it feels. Tweak the self-love action to deepen the positive feeling. That’s an exact reflection of your worth.)

Enjoy Ladies! You’ve earned it, and you’ll be earning even more over the next few weeks!

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