Discussion Topic for the Week of April 17 – I Believe in You!

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Indulge me. I’m having Vampire Diaries withdrawls. BUT, one of the central themes of the series, was the concept of good friendships and supporting each other. Being there, pushing each other to be better, stronger, happier… especially when that was hard, or the task was daunting.

Sound familiar? Good! Follow me…

One of the final scenes of the show, Bonnie Bennett, a witch, has to perform a magic trick that basically rights the entire Universe. She has to direct hellfire itself through a series of underground tunnels. It’s a pretty big deal. She’s nervous. She doesn’t think she can do it. She is alone.

Suddenly, her grandmother’s ghost appears, takes her hand, and helps with the incantation. Then her mother appears, then her 200 year old cousin, until all around her are her “dead” coven members. She gets the job done!

This week, let’s do something similar. Let’s get behind each other. Let’s believe in each other.

Your job? Every day post how and what you want us to believe in, on your behalf. Do you know what kind of car you want to buy? Do you know what kind of job you want to get? Do you know what kind of hair cut you want? Are you doing something big or small?!

Believing in each other is a very subtle, yet powerful ingredient in this group and for your visions. Give us some details. Amplify your connection to those details, and thus your vision.

The Invitation: Notice the shift in your interactions, how people treat you. Is there a change?

Have a great week, Ladies!

I believe in you!!!

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