Discussion Topic for the Week of April 10 – Expose Your Limitations

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Hi Ladies!

The last few weeks have been pretty kick ass and we feel great! What a great way to get to know each of you.

This week, let’s use the confidence and awareness we have created within ourselves to kick some ass! Some “limitations” ass, that is!

This week, briefly share once a day. Share something you feel you can’t do. Share something that limits you. 

Big limitations are sometimes hard to see or notice. They are often quite unconscious, hidden as that inner safety net that gets tripped when we succeed. A great way to work with these bigger limitations is to choose a really simple, practical limitation each day. Those work really well to loosen the big limitations. The small ones are just representatives of said big limitations. They report back to their leader.

Please remember this is not a forum for ranting and complaining, this is simply to bring into the light something about you, or something you think or do that limits you – or perhaps is flat out untrue. When we see these limitations in others, and how easy it would be for that person outside ourselves to clear and move past that limitation, we are doing that inside for ourselves also. Suddenly, the limitation is coupled with a solution, even if it is just the energy of solution.

For your larger share, spend some time reflecting on a limitation that does not serve you. Think it out on the page. Let us witness you and support you. 

Bonus: create an in-the-moment behaviour or mantra that has you instantly recognise a limitation.

Double Dog Dare: intend to solve one of those limitations during this discussion topic cycle. Ha! Let us cheer you on. We’re good at that!

Keep it light; keep it fun!

This is a powerful exercise, and works mostly via awareness. It is not necessary to delve so deep that you are crowded out of your own house by fear and doubt.

The offering is for you to recognise limitations as what is no longer necessary in order for you to understand who you are and what you are doing in the world.

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