Discussion Summary: Freewheelin’ In Wanting Country

 In Consciously Woman

It was a fabulous call as always last night, Ladies. It’s been such an inspiring week, coming together, and bringing together, the concept of wanting and the desire to travel. I didn’t expect it these 2 energies to be so well connected, as they are in this group! Pretty neat.

Freewheelin’. One more place where we come together to co-inspire.

Our shares and conversation took us to many places, indeed, and the more places we offered up as wants, the more places we realised we’d been! The most profound traveling we did together this week, however, was on the inside. We traveled well into Wanting Country, the place where dreams come true! Here, in this very particular land, we are not running away from the things we don’t want, but instead, we are running towards the things we DO want in our lives.

With open arms.

P.S. I had to use this picture because it’s called “Seven Sisters.” Love love, Ladies. xo

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