Consciously Maintaining the Flow

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So… I kind of had an Artist Date hangover this morning, so I kept Artist Dating ha! I can explain.

I kind of blew my bad self out of the water this week. Too much computer work, and the security snafu… although it ended brilliantly, it shut me down for a couple of days. Logically it makes me laugh to be that living, breathing, too-successful-too-fast and “suddenly abundant” entrepreneur who is freaking out and literally blocking the “flow”, and seeing my own examples of that, how I’m pulling in things to make it difficult, but it sure has been a few strange days of mentally leaving the building! It’s been kind of like I crossed some sort of finish line and then collapsed. That does happen sometimes, totally normal, but I can usually push through it. This week, not so much, so I just did my best to laugh it off, accept some amazing support from you, and not be too hard on myself. I’ve learned to rest and let it pass over the years, and there have been several full-stop moments in the past few weeks, but Wed and Thurs were almost full-on.

Then, suddenly, I woke up yesterday morning feeling rejuvenated and fantastic. I got the back log of things completed, and then some. I felt amazing. I started thinking of what my Artist Date would be for the day – find a track, go for a run. I let that prioritize the rest of my day. I let it govern the moment to minute details and decisions.

In just a few minutes, I felt that amazing feeling of “flow” start to happen. I don’t usually call it this, but I have this professional need to learn how to teach other people to do exactly that, be in the flow. That phrase describes the “it” for so many people.

Me, I call this “following the thread”. It’s the “what’s next after this moment” creating on the fly. To me, it is a combination of what is naturally next in the process of anything, and my own choice or imagination determining the unfolding of the next moment. I love getting to that spot. The zone maybe? Regardless, it feels limitless and precise all at the same time. It feels energising, and after a solid two days of pooling around in the full-stop, this sudden clicking in to my own energy felt incredible. I decided to make this feeling the theme of this round of Artist Dating.


Flow.  Fantastic word for entrepreneurs.  Learning to go with the flow in life is a tough one.  I will use flow for my artist dates also.  Good one.  Glad everything is working out for you.


Oh my word it is! In fact, that post above is witness to the entrepreneurial flow ha! The community site started acting strangely – which it does when they do back end maintenance  – so I hopped over to the next thing on my list for the day, our new IG account whoop whoop! I’m still figuring out the quote maker, so it looks like Kindergarten over there, but I love it. And I LOVE that we have our first organic follower! A really sweet young woman from North Carolina.

She commented, and I welcomed her! I kept pressing the wrong key on the tablet… and you can’t edit the comment section on IG! It’s hilarious.

My next entrepreneurial in the flow moment last night was to research keyboards for my tablet! Frankly, that’s the ideal. I can’t wait until I am able to write directly from my tablet. It’s the perfect tool for travel. All in one. Hold my calls! I am a few dance steps from my life being a full-time Artist Date.

These are the little moments of the entrepreneurial lifestyle that count as the abundance…. and we’re only half way through the week of conscious practice. I love it! This is creative satisfaction.


I am right there with you.  Rock on Sista!  Good work!

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