Community – Beta Edition for March 2015

 In Consciously Woman

Our community is currently in an exploratory beta format. Please read the description of who we are. If you would like to join us, we would love to have you! A contact email address follows the description.

Consciously Woman is a personal growth community for women. It is a living workshop intended for the support of women in motion.

It is founded from the feminine internal drive to share and collaborate, to support. We are the centre of our homes, our families, our businesses and the ripple-out of our relationship with each other is immense. The positive influence we have on each other feeds not only ourselves, but our loved ones and our circles of influence.

The impulse we share to continually improve ourselves has led each of us along an individual path of learning and success. We have come together to share these experiences in a way that allows the women around and behind us on that path to succeed with less effort and expense. This community is intended to provide the platform where we can share our experiences with others, and in turn receive the benefit of their experiences.

The completed platform at this time is 2 live connection calls per week that focus on a pre-determined call topic. The call topic is posted on an internal private community site and each participant has a few days to explore this topic on her own. On the live calls, each woman has an opportunity to share with the group her experiences into a conversation that uplifts and supports her. Calls are facilitated and there is an opportunity for us to coach and validate each other. The aim of the facilitation is to not only support the woman who has spoken, but also the women listening to her.

In addition, there is a central and private community site where we can participate in an on-going on-line conversation. The central topics are moderated by the women who facilitate the weekly connection calls, and there is an opportunity for all members to post blogs and photos. This is a private and secure community where the content is in keeping with the integrity of our members.

Going forward, we are creating an external newspaper site. It will be well-branded and professional. This will be a place for the women of the community to self-publish their work, be promoted in a directory, advertise their businesses, and promote each other. The format of the newspaper is member-driven content that has been professional edited. Members will have their expternal business information connected to their work as a brief profile. Readers will not only have access to the information published on the community paper, but they will be able to connect to the author’s website via a link. We intend to create not only an internal word of mouth network, but also an external word of mouth opportunity for women in business.

It is important to clarify now that this community is for all women who wish to participate, not just women in business. Our membership will be 2-tiered to allow for personal memberships as well as business memberships. In any case, and with either membership, your participation will allow for both the receiving and the giving relationship with this community. The intention is for the exchange to be positive and fulfilling. As women we are meant to receive, and yet the impulse to share and give is also a feminine gift. This community in its entirety is intended to honour both phases of our exchange.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with; choose them wisely. In keeping with this philosophy, participation in this community is by invitation only at this time. We are intentionally setting the foundation of this community by asking women we know, respect, admire and love to join us. We value ourselves as we value them. This community is of great value to us also.

If however, after reading this description, you feel inspired to join us, please do contact us. We are indeed inclusive and our strongest intention is the creation of belonging for women.

If you would like to contact us, please email: ayeardye@gmail.com

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