Change. It’s a Personal Evolution, Baby.

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“I am the change, I have succeeded.”

I say this over and over in my mind; there’s something so powerful about these words. Why? Because each and every one of us truly is the change. We do what we do to better our lives, we make it work, we struggle and fall, and then get back up. All because we want to make a change in some way or another, whether on a personal or professional level.

I have managed to succeed due to much trial and error. I worked day and night with little to no rest. For a time, I thought I had to push myself to the limits to succeed. Isn’t that what everyone on Wall Street does? Ah…no. I crashed hard, and then gave myself a second smack for ever thinking this was the way in which to accomplish anything. I found that in order to be successful at my career, I had to have balance. As simple as it sounds, I had to re-discover what balance looked like for me. The vision then became this: I need to have days where I do nothing but focus on me, and other days where I put all my efforts and energy into my business. My current life situation is such that my family only consists of two “children” – my cats, of course – and my main squeeze, so I can take full days to just do me.

I plan my schedule accordingly. Days that I work at the hospital are fully packed (12 hour shifts), and end with my yoga practice to allow me to achieve mental and physical restoration before bed. On the days I have to run the business, I reserve it for just that – I take the phone calls and see my patients. I ensure that all my patients are booked on days that are only dedicated to my homeopathic practice. When I first started out, I let the patient choose the day (choosing from days I was available), and found every day a small part was dedicated to someone else; it was draining. Now I set aside days to do the work, and I take full days to sit on my behind, watch Netflix, read a book, take a walk, practice yoga, or spend time with friends and loved ones. These days are re-energizing, and give my mind and body the rest they require to dedicate my time and efforts to others on the prescribed work days.

I am grateful for the insight and understanding from this hard life lesson, and can now really appreciate each and every moment given to me, whether it be my work or relaxation. As I write this I get excited, because tomorrow is a “me” day, where I get to go out into the world and play. Not to mention, I finally get spend some time with my hubby on our upcoming honeymoon in Costa Rica! Life is all about balance, and becoming unbalanced, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health & Healing Homeopathy

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