Forum Topic for the Week of Feb. 6 – An Honour and a Privilege

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There is an important task at hand. That task is to use our freedom and our privilege to open the doors for the people around us who cannot do so as easily, for whatever reason. It is more than the limitations of our countries, our races, our genders, our socioeconomic circumstances, or our abilities.

All of us struggle in our own ways to be free, and yet as women in first world countries, we were born free. This is both a privilege and a fact.

Let’s make this flat. When it becomes flat inside us, it can bring the horizon closer for others.

This week, celebrate your privileges. You’ll quickly notice, this is not at all exclusionary. You’ll quickly notice that when you allow yourself to acknowledge the freedoms you have, it is in fact your pleasure to reflect this energy back to others.

Hint: Think of when someone thanks you, and you say “my pleasure” in return. It feels amazing to be generous with yourself, and they feel honoured.

When we are in full ownership of ourselves, it gives others around us permission to be in full ownership of themselves also. Moreover, in the absence of judgement, you allow others to own their power also. 

Equate this week to the knowledge that every human being has a right to clean water.

Every human being has a right to the privileges we enjoy.

The definition of abundance is limitless. The invitation this week is to open that door for yourself first, and then watch how others are inspired to walk through it too.

Celebrate on the site one privilege per day. What and how do you celebrate your amazing life.

Share on the call your favourite privilege.

BONUS: Did you notice the boost that you gave to another person that could have been perceived as less fortunate? OR perhaps you noticed that they didn’t consider themselves less fortunate at all…

This is a depthy, yet subtle task this week, but it is so worth it. AND it gives you the opportunity to see how valuable your privilege can be for others.

Don’t hide it. Don’t hide out. 


The world needs us. Let’s get comfortable with that.

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