Call Topic for the Week of April 18 – Press Pause.

 In Consciously Woman
Ok Ladies!

Ready, set, pause!

We have spent the last few weeks really getting into some specific things we want to focus on for the next few months.

That creates a ton of enthusiasm and also momentum…. sometimes, however, at the cost of focus. When momentum and lack of focus get together for drinks, they naturally invite chaos to join them.

This week, pause. Take stock of where you are, what needs to be done, and where you need to focus to enjoy you life, accomplish your goals, and experience abundance.

What are your goals? How close are you to achieving them? How far away? What do you need? Do you have a plan?

What’s next? Take stock. Get reconnected to what you want in your life.

Share on the call where you find yourself when you press pause.

Enjoy and luxuriate in this process a little this week. You’ve earned this spot in your life!

Bonus: Decide a few of your next dance moves. No doing, just decisions.

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