Call Topic for the Week of April 11 – Consistency.

 In Consciously Woman

Hi Ladies!

It’s been such a fabulous couple of weeks of seeding and weeding!

This week, let’s work on consistency. To follow the thread of gardening activities, it is true that plants love to be cultivated. They love to thrive and bloom more fully, and we love to experience and benefit from the care we give them.

Share on the call some of the ways you are already consistent and some of the places you could be more consistent in your actions or thoughts to produce better results.

What do you need to water more (or less!) in your life? What do you need to put out in the open so you can focus on it more fully (my cheeky orchid loves that)? What needs more attention? What needs more awareness?

Keep it simple for your mind. We are powerful women with lots on the go! Pick 1 – 5 things only so you can keep your energy clear and focused.


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