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This is ridiculous and you can laugh. Yes, I’m going to use one of my believe in me tickets for my extra 30lbs! Yup, I’m a big cliche ha!

Two family dinners later I am definitely feeling the midlife bloat ha!

Somewhere in this conversation – either last week or this week already – I realized that the LAST six month plan included making my fitness level a priority. Weight loss will follow, that will be the natural result.

So yes, the result will be me back to my healthy weight, but really the “work” for me will be the discipline, yes, but mostly my own belief that I can relax into a consistent schedule that includes fitness as a priority. That requires me coming out of the survival mindset I’ve been in for 8 years, and it’s a fabulous thing.

Believe in my ability to believe in myself!

I don’t know if that makes sense, but in short, a regular and prioritized exercise schedule is both key to my success, and one of those things that is a natural product of my success because I have the time and the wherewithal to maintain the discipline. To achieve that in this “phase” of my vision will take some mind bending on my part! I have to fight hard to come out of the “haven’t done enough” today mindset.


Oh boy!  I am following suit.  I believe fully that your fitness will easily be a priority.  I love that you said it requires me coming out of survival mindset.  That just totally clicked for me.  Got it!  I am with you on this one.


When I stayed with you back in the fall of 2015, we had a morning ritual. I’m not sure how many days we did it, maybe it was weeks, but it was our “usual” if I could go so far to say. Each morning at some ridiculous (for me) hour of the day, 7 or 7:30 am, we would roll out of bed, I’d grab a snack and we’d go for an hour long walk. Sometimes we didn’t talk for a while, because, morning. It was such a highlight though, and if nothing else happened for me that day (as I looked for a job), I at last could say that I accomplished that.

This past weekend, knowing that I would have a task or two that needed to be done on deadline, and needing some structure to my days, I brought back our walk. I walked in the morning on the first day, and in the afternoon on the second and third. It felt great, and I channelled all those feelings of how great it was to walk the neighbourhood with you back in the day.

And so with all of that, I KNOW you can do this, I believe in your ability to believe in yourself. I was there. We did this, all the time. Bring it back.


Oh, I remember Adrienne talking about her walking buddy. Didn’t know that was you, Lia. What a great way to bring accomplishment and structure into every day. I think I’ll copy that.

Regularity and priority in my attempt to exercise are totally key for me, too. And just this week I noticed how a couple of weeks with barely any exercise have diminished my fitness level. And I want to change that. So while I’ll focus on that myself this week I will think of you accomplishing your fitness goal.

I totally believe you’ll do this easily. In my mind you’re labeled as athlete, natural athlete, for which I absolutely admire you!

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