Bon Apetit

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  • I am grateful for my daughter Kadie who always knows when I am running low on energy. Today she came and sat with me and while brushing my hair told me I am the best mum in the whole world.
    I am grateful my son Karson made us all dinner today. He and I both were proud. He made Tacos in a Bag. One of our favorites!
    I am grateful that I have great neighbors. They are so good to us. They love my children and invited them out for lunch on Wednesday and always bring us treats from the garden.
    I am grateful that I had the time to take my neighbor’s friend’s for a horseback ride today and the horses behaved well.
    I am grateful for my dog Torque who is so sweet and cuddly. He always knows when to smother me with kisses to break me in to laughter.
    I am grateful for my friend who called today. We had a wonderful chat and caught up on so much. We are going through something very similar right now. Funny how that can lighten the load. She also offered my one of her prized yearling horses at a steal of a deal to raise with my kids. (I’m thinking how can I pass this up?)
    I am grateful that I got to take a nap today. First time in a very long time. I felt amazing after.
    I am grateful for the cooler weather to help the fire situation.
    I am grateful for having a full hay shed for the Winter.

    Oh that’s so fun! Another great memory for me!

    When my brother was about Karson’s age, he was saving up for a new BMX. He was a creative and independent kid too, and he “ambushed” Mum with a self-promotion and an increase in his allowance one night by cooking dinner. He did this for quite some time, and he got really good at it! He also got the bike under his own steam xo.

    I remember mostly how proud he was when we would sit down and he would bring the meal to the table. Now, as an adult, he is a remarkably hard worker who values his own contribution as much as he does others on his team. Pretty profound.

    I am grateful for the cooler weather and the rain too. Invermere is my second home. Enjoy the fresh rides!


    It’s true.  The look on the kids faces when I allow them to step up and do something new is so amazing to watch.

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