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I am committed to my vision of balance within my professional and family life.  Working on inner strength, inner calm, well being, confidence and integrity allows me to see the bigger picture with patience.  When given solutions for better balance of work and family life I remain open-minded.  When given solutions or ideas I will not be offended or take things personally.  I am allowing these ideas to flow in easily rather than stifling them or being overwhelmed by them.  I will accept all forthcoming offers of better balance in my life with ease and without judgement.  I understand that more is not always better.  Quality of life is of most importance to me and I will continue to work towards that in the most efficient and positive way.


Ooooh, nice. I’ve been so hell-bent on my vision for the past few years (OK 8 years), that I often feel like my quality of life has suffered. and yet at the same time, the drive and determination to succeed has outweighed those desires, or that feeling of missing out. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Lately, though…. Lately I have been having these flashes of what it looks like in the (very) near future. It’s fantastic. I always have flashes, but they are more about what to do next, or why to do it, why it is happening. What is needed and my part in that? Flash. The difference in the flashes over the  past (literally) few weeks, is the “feeling” of what I will feel like when my vision (writing communities) is succeeding.

It’s really palpable, and it comes out when I am “away from my desk”, on the way to the “other” part of life, the part of life that is NOT my vision. I’ll be on the way to the grocery store. I’ll be getting into the shower. I’ll be putting gas in the car. I’ll be walking the dog. The mundane things, that I don’t think about very much at all, OR that I do on autopilot while my mind is cranking out the next worry or detail.

These flashes are amazing, and I’ve been trying to absorb them as they go by, or as I am in them; it’s never clear what that is. I smile and I acknowledge them, and sometimes I get really excited, or I suddenly notice that everything in the room is perfect.


After reading your post, I’m thinking I will try to label these feeling-flashes as they happen. When you talk about balance, I know that feeling, and I know how important that is to have and to be. There are many other feelings in those moments, and I’d love to be able to label them too. They are not something I am “trying” to achieve, but they are already present, and better, they are the energies I want to HAVE for me in my daily life, because my vision is successful.

Yes, my vision is all about the things I can achieve for me and many others, the doing, but is also very much about the “what’s in it for me.” When those feelings are present – balance, excitement, “swish” from one place to another, calm – I know I am IN my vision, not just dreaming about it.

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