Weekly Discussion Summary: Only My Favourite Things

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Ha! Too funny. I just got home from kind of an unplugged day – unplugged from any kind of schedule, except to get snow tires early in the am! It was such a fantastic and definitely atypical day!

I got my snow tires put on, breakfast with Dad, and met an African grey parrot. It meowed like a cat. It also had several different voices. So fun.


It was a beautifully warm, almost springy day, and I met with a client for a last minute appt parked at the lake. I have pared my practice down to only my favourite clients, so this was especially rewarding. There is nothing like Homeopathy, and it feels incredible to be able to use that gift to help people.

I picked up my jewellery, without fanfare or incident, from the salon where it wasn’t selling. I was so worried that would not go well. It was awkward, yes, but after the smoke cleared, I felt amazing. When I left with my bag of stuff I felt so free, felt like I was stealing it!

Sabine and I had a great International CW call – solved the world ha! It’s made of pink diamonds, btw!

Then I had lunch with a dear and old friend. I have always believed she has been my friend in every one of my life times, and today was no exception.

THEN, just when I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied, friends texted me to see if I wanted to have a beer. More really great conversation!

On my way home, I looked at the time, and I had been gone from the house for 13 hours. With the exception of a 15 min wiggly bit after collecting my jewellery, that’s 13 hours of total happiness!

It’s been a fantastic week, Ladies. Not only did I get to look at my daily affairs with a little more purpose, I know more about you, and I when I imagine you throughout my own day, I can picture you in yours. We have cultivated this brilliant connection together, that enriches our lives, and gives us the potential to add even more enrichment. Because of our conscious perspectives, we have the opportunity to create a practical life that includes only our favourite things. See above!

We are the fabulous that brings extraordinary life to the mundane. We are the personified process of perfection.

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