Artist Date With the Big Kids

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A few weeks back I was at the Auer Dult, a huge annual market that happens three times a year. There I found a stand where a woman sold old books that she had cleaned out and turned into a notebook. And recently I was at a flee market where I found two old books from a series I loved as a child: Hanni and Nanni, twins that are living in a boarding school.

I had a nostalgic time reading them. I even remember parts of the stories. I want to turn them into notebook “holders”, too. So my Artist Date today was to look into that. I couldn’t find any instruction online. But I found notebooks that would fit. And this will probably turn into a week’s worth Artist Dates, as I have to go to a store to get the material, not knowing yet what I really need. Anyways I started bravely by emptying them out today!


That’s awesome!  I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and it’s been on tv for a week or two and the kids and I have been watching it together in the evenings.  It does bring back so many  memories.  Neat.


Hee hee. FUN. I bought a book like that a few years ago, a Dr. Suess-esque children’s book made into a notebook. I use it as my “I want” list notebook, and I’m pretty sure it has super powers! The woman who made it kept all the original pages in the book, so the complete story is still there, just fattened up with blank notebook pages.

Amber… when my Mum went back to work, she took us to a baby sitter before and after school. Little House on the Prairie was one of the few things she would let us watch on T.V. We would watch the daily episode and then she would kick us out of the house. We would find my way to this little creek and ravine a few doors down and steal away to play with the other kids in the adjacent neighbourhood.  We would pretend it was real-live Little House! The long walk from home to town!

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