All Around the World We’ll Be Dancing in the Streets

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Today I found myself enjoying a rather repetitive task at work, because I was organizing. We don’t have great systems in place for some of our processes and there are a lot of moving pieces. I was organizing some of this information into a new program and it felt good. I will be organizing more things at home this weekend…so perhaps that’s part of it. The chaos of the systems at work stress me slightly so it felt good to be part of a solution.

I had a strong workout at the gym at lunchtime.

Met up with a good friend (more socializing) for dinner and then the ballet – Onegin. It was a lovely performance. I haven’t been to the ballet in this city before so it was a different night out in the city for me.


So great. So inspiring!

Hamilton is a huge cultural centre, and I haven’t sampled any of that since I’ve lived here. Just the art, folk festivals and small venue concerts. A few days ago I was reminded of the philharmonic orchestra here. I’ve never seen them perform!

Have to say, reading this and knowing you reminds me to enjoy art for arts sake. The beauty of it. I’m stuck in the valleys that are like vs don’t like. I belong on the summit!


Oh nice! I haven’t been to the ballet in years. That’s one downfall to living hours from a big city.


Sounds like a good week so far!  it’s funny how sometimes repetitive work is enjoyable – especially when, in your case, you’re always doing different things.  I haven’t seen Onegin but I’ve promised myself to see The Nutcracker this coming month.


Onegin – I wanted to watch it some time back, even had tickets, but then I suddenly got sick that day… So one day in the future…

I have never seen a ballet, not that I can remember. That’s why I wanted to go there. I did ballet in my youth and I wanted to see how much elation there would be if I watch it.

I am away from home for a couple of weeks, staying in a super tiny little village. And so I “toured” a part of it today. It feels soooo different from home. Munich is a metropolis, so this is a rather crass difference. And I can soooo tell I’m a city girl, so used to have all kinds of shops and places and cafes and food places and what not all around me. Here: next to nothing. So I was excited to find a “fresh market” with fruits and veggies and a small selection of all kinds of other things. But best of all: I found a whole foods store. They even had some products I regularly buy in Munich and the owner was really nice and easy to chat to. Wow, that made me so happy !! City girl, I’m telling you… 😉


Good morning Sabine!  You’re up and I’m heading to bed.  I’ve got to say … your entire trip has seemed like a dream to me.  I’m so glad you get to enjoy it.  Listening to you talk will have me calling to see if I can get in a last minute massage.  No thermal bath here but at least it’s something! I love that concept of giving up control to float in the current of life while being supported by it.  Right now, that really means tons to me.  I am learning to be more serene and let go of control.  I don’t know when you get back to Munich but I hope you have a glorious week!


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