Accept and Meet My Positive Perspective

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Here’s your laugh…  slept through my alarm this morning… I’m 2 hours behind schedule.

As I’m running out the door, trip to the loo… so shoes were already on. I’m pulling up my drawers in front of the mirror, and I see that my underwear is the same colour as my shoe laces ba ha hahahaha!!!

Really, for me positivity is in the little things. I was laughing as I left the house. That will carry me through the day, past the cranky I’m about to walk into. The homeowner has a literal rats nest to clean up.

He’s going to be in whatever mood he chooses to be in, and I am going to be in the bliss if my secret fashion sense!

Have a great day ladies!


I often match small things up like this, or have a smile on my face when I have matching underwear – but it is so much fun when you do it without realizing it! You definitely made this work for you! A good laugh indeed!


This put a smile on my face! You’re awesome!


Hope that made your day super smooth. What a colour coordinated funny coincidence!!


Honestly, it was hilarious, and after having shared this with you ladies, before I went into the “rats nest” it became more real. It was like I had this amazing cheering section as I went through the day. I have many “cat that ate the canary” situations in my life – frankly, my entire vision is still that ha! It’s still on the QT! – and this was maybe the first time I was aware of using our community as a force field for my positivity. I am always, always aware and grateful for your company when I am doing the hard parts of my vision, the parts that take all my courage and grit, but this was the first time I was conscious of how I also use this on-going conversation as the home-base for my positive perspective.

It was so obvious, as I walked into the house yesterday that my positive perspective was untouchable. And contagious! As I entered, I was immediately met by the homeowner who had not only cleaned up the first rats’ nest, but had found and cleaned up 2 more. (Ha! The positive result of sleeping through my alarm and being 2 hours late was that I missed this. It was done! He was just sweeping up the last of it when I arrived.) He had a mask on and a head full of fumes from whatever product he was using.

I’m telling you. This is a task for a worst enemy. This poor man! He was sort of confused and wandering around the foyer, in and out of the door, so I pretended not to notice what he was doing and I beamed a “good morning!” to him. He immediately came towards me, and in his solvent-state connected instantly with MY mood. When he pulled his mask off he was smiling too. He was there by himself and I think both relieved to see someone, but also happy to share his conquest. Right away he started telling me what he had found, and how already the place smelled like a normal house. This was a no-mean-feat success!

Quick back story: rental town home, up for sale after a long term tenant lived there with an unclaimed rat infestation; it had been resolved but not cleaned up. This was like nothing I have ever seen!

Anyway, I could go on and on with the gory details. It was both horrifying and fascinating! It was absolutely absurd. The result of my positive perspective AND my force field for that positivity in our conversation, totally served not just to make my day fun and enjoyable, but it also most definitely made this man’s day. I know like I know, that creating a positive and happy space for him to connect with after that miserable experience allowed him to go straight into the rest of his day in a good mood. I know like I know, that if I had been grumpy and still pissed with myself for sleeping in, the face that would have emerged from behind that mask when he pulled it down to say hello to me, would have been a grumpy one. He would have mirrored me.

I certainly did not stay in my positive, happy, “cat who swallowed the canary mood” because of him. I did it for me. I was in a total state of bliss after having 30 minutes in the car chuckling to myself about it, and then taking 5 minutes to share it on the site with youS. When I walked up to the house and saw what I was going to be walking into spilling out of the front door, all gas-masked up, I thought, no way, no how, is that going to mess with me, or get my turquoise knickers in a knot! I felt myself lock into our conversation, and I let it be the positive force that it is, for ME. And it certainly worked.

The BONUS was how that served him too. He’s a really nice man, and he’s experiencing a really weird and unpleasant situation. I mean this was not just the cleaning up of a rats’ nest, but a rat infestation inside one of his largest assets. I can’t imagine how that felt. Me staying connected to my positive perspective in that moment, totally opened the door for him to reconnect with his.

FURTHERMORE (I know you love it ha!) it was such a cool experience for me to reflect on this, all of this. I think I learned more because he chose to accept and meet my positive perspective. If he hadn’t, I would have been satisfied with staying grounded in my positivity, and let him bounce into whatever reaction he had chosen – to his own situation, or my Pollyanna. I like seeing and feeling the value of me consciously choosing my tribe, from the flip side. I am even more grateful for having you as my social foundation. Thank you Ladies for always meeting my positive perspective with yours. It really does mean everything. I am building MY nest from this. xo

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