A Splash of Friendliness Goes a Long Way

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O.k., I’ll go first this time: my friendliness.

E.g. today as I was shopping an American couple tried to make the pharmacist understand what they need (the woman had a cold), but the poor lady behind the counter didn’t really understand. So I jumped in and asked if she had mucus and translated for her.

It’s not a big thing really, but I love to do it, the same as with poor tourists trying to buy the proper ticket for public transportation (an opportunity for utter confusion with the amount of different tickets). It’s not a big deal for me to take the time to help them, but for them it’s aid in a surrounding and maybe even with a language they don’t know. Best of all ? To see the relief on their faces ! O.k. plus an occasional compliment, like today: Well, your English is really good ! 😉


Ha! YES! Your English is fantastic.

I love reading this. I’m living in a huge city for the first time in my life. When people go out of their way to say hello, help out, smile, or wave it feels absolutely amazing.

No joke, I was the only one in the paint store this morning, and instead of interacting with me, the woman who was mixing my paint stood with her back to me so she didn’t have to talk to me. It was SO weird. I have dealt with her before so I know she is not really chatty, and it had nothing to do with me. I actually chuckled a little when she did it, it was so anti-friendly! It did stick with me though and kind of brought my energy down a little. I’m only saying that because the change in me was so obvious. If someone else was in the store, it wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable; it would just have registered as rude. It was clear she didn’t want to talk to me.

But then, next stop Tim Horton’s. As I was walking in, a man went out of his way to hold the door open until I was close enough. It’s a normal “social” gesture that is meant to be kind to the next person going through the door. It’s friendly!

The coolest part was how I felt afterwards. I felt more confident and I know I passed on my great mood to the women behind the counter. That was also obvious! It changed my day completely, and I know it made me feel more friendly – more like myself. It completely erased the icky feeling I had from the paint store 10 min before.

Friendliness is a total super power!! It makes me want to be more friendly!


Sometimes I use ‘opening doors for others’ as a tool to knock myself out of a grumpy mood! It totally works.

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