Easy Peasy Apple Squeezy

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All week I have been canning apple juice!

Last Sunday I got the immense pleasure of heading to Edibles farm and juice with an amazing family and friends. This is permaculture in action! Good people connecting to good food. Apple pressing is a little like a barn rise, the more hands the easier and more enjoyable the work. So we all show up, work a litlle, play a little, laugh a lot and we all get to walk away with litters of juice. Local, organic, delicious and nutritious real food.

This is what I do now… I am constantly more and more connected to my food and over the last few years i have learned how to grow and process real food and i have connected with a network of individuals with these similar values. 


GREAT pics.

I really enjoy big “work” projects like this. I’ve done many myself – Maple Syruping, woodsplitting, roofing, painting of course, and this summer I helped with a local mud run for the special olympics.

On my list for the next year or so is to find a really enjoyable volunteer experience. It’s such a great way to learn new things and meet new people. This post inspires me to search out a local farmy experience. There is a group here that is working really hard on the politics of farming space (literally) and that was kind of my go-to because it is a big voice that I’d like to help amplify.

Joining a crew like this, and being involved at the practical hands-on level, would be way more fun! Also, I think it would be a better way for me to help influence the awareness of the greenbelt I live in. I would definitely be having fun and that is definitely more contagious! When I am happy, people are drawn to me and I get to use my super powers of a smile to make a difference.

Easy peasy apple squeezy!

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