Discussion Topic for the Week of April 24 – Spring Has Sprung

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Spring has sprung! There are blossoms everywhere you look! Trees, tulips, and even your houseplants! It’s just that time of year!

Whoop whoop!

This week, let’s take that positive reflection personally. It’s the perfect out-picturing of what is inside us as visionaries. We are blossoming.

Share on the site one thing daily about YOU or your vision that is blossoming. Are you more comfortable speaking in public? Are you writing better? Are you doing a better “job” of eating properly? Is your house coming together? Did you describe your vision in a way that someone else understood? Did you land that perfect employee who will help you grow your business? Did you get a new client? Did you handle a conflict with ease?

The possibilities are as endless as the flowers you are witnessing coming into bloom around you! You are blossoming.

Enjoy this “self-inspection”! Enjoy how your potential explodes into beauty.

Have a fabulous week Ladies!

Looking forward to you coming into bloom. 

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