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As I get older, I’m convinced thinking too much is useless and sometimes even detrimental. Of course, I’m referring to overthinking something until you can’t stand your own mind. When your young, you should think things through, but when we get to a point where we’ve been there, done that, it serves to stunt us sometimes. At least, this overthinking worrier finds no advantage to it.

If I think about why I shouldn’t work towards my vision, it makes me very anxious … maybe even nauseated. You see, I’m in it now and there’s no turning back. I mean, of course there is, but I’m not killing myself to change my mind.

I think there are several reasons many think it’s unwise to start my own business. I am a single girl without financial support. I paid my way through everything, bought my first everything and if I end up slumming it for a while … I’ll be the one that’ll need to crawl out of that hole without a rope being thrown my way. I won’t go hungry but my life will change dramatically and in this time when good jobs are hard to come by, it’s harder to be out of the workforce for too long. It is typically easier to find a job when you have one, but I’m not doing that so I can’t really go on my own and avoid the reality that if it backfires, I’m going to have to dust myself off.

I suppose this is a long way of conveying to you that I am terrified. I am. The only thing that’s keeping me going is pushing through the fear and keeping that momentum going.

My biggest concern isn’t that I’m going to starve … but I have a job that would afford me a secure and comfortable future when I retire. Thing is … I’d have to be in ‘work prison’ for twenty years. That’s a heck of a long time to work in a place that no longer makes you happy. That’s a very long time! So, I guess the freedom and sanity is worth my full effort to finally be doing my own thing, but I’d be a liar to say it’s easy.


Three cheers for over-thinking ha! I definitely do that too, and along the way, that has been perhaps the biggest obstacle. I have an idea, and then I plan it out, and then right before I execute, I do a check-check-re-check, and I find a reason to “wait and see”. I’m doing that right this minute in CW, and have been doing it for 6 months with Alive Homeopathy.

Of course I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about THAT ha! For me it always always happens because I’m afraid, and specifically of doing it wrong. Right now, the specifics are the “sharing” of CW publicly, and for AH, the reeling in the over-thinking of the woman who is working on that project with me. Having these two things happening at the same time makes it pretty obvious that the “pause” button is only in my own mind. Truth is, I know from experience (vs deduction) that pushing it forward, even just a little bit, creates profound growth and success.

Big thanks for YOUR reflection here. I know you like I know myself, and the doubt is only in your own mind. I don’t doubt you for one second. And with respect to the practicals, the details of what you are wanting in your life, you have the most important energies functioning brilliantly. You know exactly what you want, and you are prioritizing that daily. In just a few short months of working on your “plan (to stardom, incidentally)” you are checking in on that and making adjustments on a regular enough schedule that you can make the necessary changes required to keep your boat afloat. I’ve heard you congratulate me for the same behaviors. Use me as YOUR reflection. That’s the point of this community, and frankly, when you get your reflections and examples from somewhere like-minded, you can better filter the criticism from the people in your life who help you to over-think the fear.

I speak to only my supporters about my vision. It keeps the why nots that are created from my own over-thinking from steering my ridiculously amazing ship. It’s a yacht, and if I keep Captain Why at the helm, I can park it just about anywhere. I can do anything I want, and so can you; I’ve seen it.

Ooooh, and check back with Sabine’s and my conversation from yesterday, about our directionality. This applies to you too, and is a reality you can check in with often. Your version is that you embarked on the journey of your life vision coming true NOW, because you want to write for a living. That’s your dream. When you let THAT be the direction of your thoughts, you will automatically see the next step on the path. This is critical: you did not start down the road towards your writing career because you were trying to get away from a bad situation in your career-space. The unsatisfying job just pointed you in the right direction, absolutely, but it is not the reason you want to write for a living.

Focus on what is true. And for the love of Wordsworth, get your truth about that path (and the path of the self-employed) from only the sexy people. And by that I mean successful writers and small business people, not the ones who struggle.


And thank you, in turn for the reflection here – I found myself saying your words to a friend who is writing a book, while doing many other things. She is exhausted and has a lot of analyzing and worrying going on. I told her what you told Leni – the direction – that she (my friend) is not writing because she wants out of her job, but she’s writing because she has something to say, something to share. She got it right away, and agreed.

I helped her re-position it, all based on this conversation and how much it rang true for me. I too am considering pursuing a new job, and I don’t want to pick the next one out of the space of abandon-ship-at-all-costs – I want to pick a great next role. That is re-positioning! Thank you, all of you for the conversation – over-analyzing, re-positioning and the true direction!


Oh yes!  This is so true.  It works!

On a side note…I had two clients dropping dogs off today that are each healing from a torn acl.  They both asked if I had heard of homeopathy as they want me to continue treating the dogs while they are staying here.  I thought it was super neat to have two in one day and I got to do my little talk on just how much I know about it and how you and I work on dogs together working on behavioral issues with homeopathy.  They were both thrilled that I knew about it.  That led to the one lady asked me if I’d be interested in teaching obedience at her Boot Camps.  Bring your dog  to Boot Camp.  Fun!  Just thought I’d share because it seems like a big reflection for your Alive Homeopathy.

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